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Please Note: Mr Dale Mate passed away during the morning of Friday 1/2/2019 from a suspected heart attack. Our thoughts and condolances go to his family and friends at this difficult time, he was only 50 years of age.

Richard Stankey (system admin) and friend.

An openly collaborative project initiated through the study of a Masters course in 21st Century teaching during 2014.

In the first instance, this site came about through wanting to provide and share an educators place of learning; thus, highlighting an educators professional development (PD). An individuals (my) PD soon showed the predominant reliance upon the PD of other educators. In short, the educational "triangle of success" (Darul Ihsan Team, 2015) should in my opinion by revised to the 'square'; i.e. the 'teacher, students, parents and colleagues'.

With this ideal and the utilisation as much as possible of online learning through freely available digital tools, this site demonstrates an educators successes through student exemplars; whilst hopefully, highlighting obstacles along the way.

From the outset, I have been and do remain somewhat uncertain of the final outcome and look of this site. At the very least I realise this site to be one of reflection and therefore focus; however, whether the teaching and learning cycle has been clearly evidenced, or merely the results of the process I am yet to determine.

Mid 2015, I find this project has grown remarkably and yet remains enjoyable despite the time constraints of a full time educator. I am certainly pleased with results thus far. Currently, my focus remains on student achievement, updating of this site and the finalisation of my Masters studies as time permits.

I really do hope to be able to integrate a Blog within this site soon. A place that may offer live and ongoing discussion, reflection and collaboration in a free, open and transparent environment.

Hoping you enjoy navigating this site and I certainly look forward to future communication.

Mr Mate (etam).

Your educational ideas and perspectives are important; so to the development of our International Educational Systems.
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