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Stage 5: Information Software and Technology - IST Course Structure (Authenticated BlogEd Access)

Year 9

New South Wales (NSW) Curriculum

Draft Scope & Sequence

Students have really enjoyed the practical nature of participatory learning thus far, more so even than reading a text book - online or otherwise.

A commencing IST course, a first round of adjustments, have included the removal of formal examinations.

Participatory learning through both explicit and tacit knowledge is being assessed through no less than seven (7) distinctly separate assessment tasks, without written examinations.

Certainly an appropriately weighted Year 9 computing course that has provided independent and guided differentiated curriculum - in a participatory culture of 21st century learning.

Student Exemplars

Task 1 - Website Analysis

Task 2 - Internet Issues

Task 3 - Part One: Design Prototype

Task 3 - Part Two: Website Production

Task 3 - Part Three: Evaluation

Year 10

New South Wales (NSW) Curriculum

Scope & Sequence 2015

Student Exemplars

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